Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Black and Ivory wedding invitations.

These black and Ivory wedding invitations caused all sorts of problems. First I couldn't find anyone selling black and Ivory card .
So I decided to make the card myself.
Then I hit another problem the card had to be a decent weight to ensure it wouldn't tear or curl outwards with the weight and tension of the ribbon and button pulling on it.

When I found what I thought was the perfect wouldn't go through my printer.

Eventually I decide to try stampin' ups very vanilla card stock it worked a treat, I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.

I got through miles of ribbons . I was shocked at just how much ribbon these were taking and a bit annoyed at having to make several trips into town to buy more.
The next problem was the black card.
I wanted a heavier weight so that I could make a fairly sturdy box for these invites.
My usual supplier didn't have any , but it turned out that a colleague did!!! Bless you and Thank You Allison.
And here are the matching menu and place cards . .......Well some of them.
The menu looks slightly lighter in colour in this photo, but it is exactly the same colours as the place card.
You can click on the photo s for a larger view.

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