Sunday, 23 January 2011

Paper Bauble

Ok , so I am a little late for Christmas with this one but the Chinese New Year is coming up, so maybe there is a use for this sooner than you think.
This was made from six strips of decorative card
1cm x 24 cms a small hole was punched in the centre of each strip and another small whole punched into each end . I made a small hanging loop in the end of a piece of wire, then threaded the wire through the hole in the centre of each strip.
I then threaded the wire through each of the holes at the ends of the card strips. Twisted the wire into a hanging loop, which also stops the strips of card popping up and off the wire.
I took another strip of card about 10 cm s X 4 and snipped at one edge to make a fringe. Once I had snipped the whole length I applied glue to the
un-snipped edge and rolled it up quite tightly.
As I rolled the last 2cms I glued one end of a small thin strip of card ( the hanging loop) into the rolling, once this was secure, I threaded the other end through the wire loop at the bottom of the bauble and then stuck it into the tassle as I rolled the last little bit.
This is the only part that can be a little fiddly.
Hope this makes sense, with three hanging loops on this project. I was starting to get confused myself. lol.

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