Monday, 17 January 2011

Number One Son Is Getting Married....

Number one son and his partner of ten years told me a couple days ago that they are planning to get married this year.

So I had to have a play to see what sort of invitations I could come up with. So the next couple of posts are wedding related.

I chose stampin' Up's "concorde crush" card for this one as I know Clare loves purple.

I cut a strip a of card and embossed it using one of the larger 7 x 5 embosssing folders. I then scored about 1/2" in at the sides and along the bottom. (This is to create the flaps for the sticky tape.)

I snipped off the bottom corners at an angle to create a mitred corner on the inside when the edges have been folded under.

I applied extra strong double sided tape to the flaps and the white grosgrain was added by sticking each end to the side flaps then covering the ends with a little more tape .

I centred the pocket over the lower half of a my base card ( a 6" x 6" piece of card again in concorde crush) and pressed down firmly.

For the centre panel, I cut another square of concorde crush slightly smaller than the pocket and printed my text onto thin white card stock, I trimmed it to size and hot foiled the text using toner foil and my laminator.

(I have written two posts on hot foiling previously, so if you need more details on how to do this keep scrolling through this blog and clicking on older posts until you find it.)

I then mounted the text onto the purple panel and slid it into it's pocket.

This is a lot simpler than I make it sound.

My pain killers are starting to make me feel drowsy now, so I had better go to bed or I will wake up with the impression of this keyboard on my face in the morning. Nite.

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