Monday, 10 January 2011

Mini Scrapbook

This has been and still is the project I have been working on over the last month or so.

I have been ill for a few weeks now, so I have only being doing a little when I ever I felt up to it. And to be honest, I think I should have left it until I have made a complete recovery.

As I have developed a "that 'll do " attitude towards some of the pages. Because I couldn't be bothered, no didn't feel strong enough to look for the tools and embellishments I know would have made this look even better.

I think this is my blog's first scrapbook project .

I bought a mini chipboard scrapbook and proceeded to cover all the pages in papers of my choice.

I applied the glue to the page using a 1" paint brush and making sure the glue was spread out thinly and evenly all over the page, paying particular attention to the edges of the page.

Then carefully placed my designer paper on the chipboard page smoothing out and making sure the edges were stuck down well.

After the glue was completely dry, I took a foam sanding block to the page edges and sanded away any rough edges and basically continued to sand all the edges until I couldn't feel the edges of the paper. If you are using white core paper you should end up with a white edge all round your page, which is just what you need for the next step. The sanding removes the printing ink from your patterned paper making the edges of your page more porous, so it will absorb the ink better.

After sanding I inked all round the edges with my daubers and in some places I went over my pages .

I then set about decorating my pages. This is where you can go totally mad and be as creative as you want or you can just mount your photos onto
co ordinating card and stick them straight into your mini scrapbook.

I stamped and embossed over some of my pages. Made pockets, booklets and tags to slide into the pockets. I made bows and punched out labels.

You can get a lot more photos and journal ling into your mini scrapbook if you add pockets and booklets.

I printed off mini photos and journalling (I don't like my hand writing either) and set about sticking them in my decorated book.

I used lace, brads, grosgrain, ribbon, silk flowers, sparkly jewels and metal charms to embellish my pages.

I haven't finished my scrapbook yet. I still have six pages to do plus a tiny amount of journalling to go on my wedding page and my mother-in-laws wedding page.

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