Monday, 20 December 2010

Guest map just for fun.

I have added a guest map to my blog just for fun, so you can put a pin in the map to show me where in the world you are viewing from. Doesn't the internet make the world a very small place. You can also leave me a message if you wish. I would love to hear from you.
Perhaps give me some feed back, let me know if my posts are of help or interest to you.
Perhaps you could even give me some tips or ideas.
I have to say that overall most of my visitors seem to be from the USA, which is kind of exciting but scary too. The american have been using Stampin'up products for years, whereas we here in the uk have only been able to buy them for about three years. I myself have only been able to buy them in the last year.
Working (or should I say playing ) with Stampin' Up products and blogging are new to me.
So it amazes me that crafters in the USA would take an interest in my little ol' blog.
They must have seen it all and done it all before,...and I am just experimenting.

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