Monday, 26 July 2010

Exploding box

This exploding box was made long before I became a Stampin'up demonstrator, so no stampin' up products were used in it. But I wanted to share some of the ideas with you.
As this little box was going to hold some of my most treasured memories. I wanted it to be much stronger than the normal exploding boxes. So the outer box was made from very thick grey board, similar to the card you would find on the back of an artist's sketch pad.

I covered the outer box with burgundy linsen and then stamped and embossed the panels for the outer box and glued them in place , I used plain gold border peel off s to frame each panel.

I then set about typing up my memories of my wedding day in small panels so they would fit onto the inner boxes. Then printed them onto good quality tracing paper.

I cut out each panel and using vellum glue dots I stuck each panel onto the walls of the boxes.
I added mini photos of the day. A miniature copy of our marriage certificate.... printed onto tracing paper, which was then rolled up and glued in place. The sparklies that were in the church flower displays have been wired together with the cream paper roses in the bottom of the box .
I also added a piece of pink heart shaped confetti thrown by Sue Usher ( I found that in my bra later in the day)

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